App download bonus – 5Jili

Download the 5JILI app to activate 188 red envelopes. It is free to download and use, and you can have fun anytime and anywhere.

App download bonus 5jili cc
App download bonus 5jili cc



Receiving condition

Withdrawal request

Download app


Total deposit 1.000

Total valid bets 5.000

Betting on slot

*1 turnover

Activity Rules

Once you have downloaded the app, activate the download reward and fulfill the claim requirements. This usually involves meeting certain conditions, such as cumulative recharges and bets. When these conditions are met, the system will automatically send red envelopes or rewards to the player.

It is important to note that each player has qualifications for claiming rewards. It is not advisable to make repeated applications for rewards, as the company reserves the right to deduct bonuses and any illegal gains obtained through such actions. It is always best to follow the app’s rules and guidelines to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.