First deposit bonus for Slot – 5Jili

New users of 5Jili can enjoy an additional gift when they make their first recharge on the platform. For example, if they recharge ₱100 for the first time, they can receive a 50 bonus. The maximum bonus amount that can be received is ₱180. This offer is a great way to incentivize new users to try out the platform and experience its benefits. By providing this extra gift, 5Jili is showing its appreciation to new users and encouraging them to continue using the service.

First deposit bonus for Slot – 5Jili

First deposit(₱)


Withdrawal request



Only applicable to Slot games


*5 turnover





Activity Rules

To request a withdrawal, the user must have an account in their own name. It is important that the name and bank card number associated with the account remain unchanged during the withdrawal application process. This is to ensure that the funds are being transferred to the correct individual and to prevent any potential fraudulent activity.

Additionally, it is worth noting that players who share the same IP address, bank card, or phone number are only eligible to receive a withdrawal once. This measure helps to maintain fairness and security within the system by preventing multiple withdrawals from the same source. It also helps to prevent any misuse of the withdrawal process.

By implementing these restrictions and guidelines, the platform aims to protect its users and uphold the integrity of the withdrawal system. Users can rest assured that their funds are being handled securely and fairly when they follow these rules.