Register red envelope – 5Jili

New users who sign up for 5JILI can now receive a special red envelope by linking their deposit and withdrawal accounts. To be eligible for this offer, users must complete their account registration and bind their withdrawal account. Upon meeting these conditions, users will receive a reward of ₱15, which can be used to play slot games on the platform.

In order to request a withdrawal, users must complete a valid bet and are subject to a withdrawal limit of ₱100-150. To apply for this promotion, users need to register for a member account, navigate to the Member Center, then proceed to the Reward Center and select the Newbie Tasks section to apply for the red envelope.

5JILI Register red envelope
5JILI Register red envelope

Activity conditions


Withdrawal request

Withdrawal limit

Complete account registration


Bind withdrawal account



Applicable games


Complete a valid bet






Activity Rules

It’s important to note the rules of this activity:

  1. The system automatically distributes bonuses, and users can withdraw cash up to 5 times the amount of their effective bet in slot machine games.
  2. To qualify for the event, participants must use the same IP address, login device, and account information.
  3. Any changes to the account information before the first withdrawal or using the same information for multiple applications may result in the confiscation of all bonuses and profits.
  4. These rules apply to all activities, and the company reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate them at any time.
  5. By participating in the activity, users agree to abide by the terms and rules set forth by 5Jili.

This promotion offers new users an excellent opportunity to kickstart their gaming experience on 5JILI with a bonus that can enhance their gameplay and potentially lead to winnings within the specified withdrawal limits.